Who are the
Greenville Jaycees

The Greenville Jaycees, as part of the North Carolina Jaycees and JCI (Junior Chamber International), exemplify the power of collective action and the profound impact young leaders can have in shaping a brighter future for their community and beyond. Through their unwavering commitment and tireless efforts, they have become the catalysts of positive transformation, generating opportunities, fostering inclusivity, and empowering individuals to thrive. The Greenville Jaycees stand as a shining example of how dedicated individuals can make a lasting difference, creating a better world one project at a time.


Meet our

The Board of Directors of the Greenville Jaycees shapes strategic direction, oversees operations, and empowers the community, making the goals of the general membership possible through support and guidance.

Cory Cavallero


Cory has been a resident of Greenville since November of 2016. He graduated from East Carolina University with a BS in Industrial Engineering Technology in December of 2018. He joined the Jaycees to meet people and make a difference in the community. In his professional life, Cory works for Hyster-Yale Group, American Headquarters as an Automation Field Engineer in their Emerging Technologies division.

Cole Tillet


Courtney Lancaster


Courtney Lancaster has been serving eastern North Carolina in some capacity for most of her life through various volunteer/leadership programs. She has such a big heart & currently serves as the Greenville Jaycees chapter Treasurer. She is committed to serving her community and giving back. Her commitment to helping those in need makes her a wonderful Jaycee because of how much she cares to help people in need. She recently graduated with a General Associates of Science from Beaufort Community College and will have a second Associates of Science in Medical Coding and Billing in December 2023! Recently, she just accepted a position with Carolina Eagle Distribution as an Office Assistant! She is looking forward to her future and what it brings for her!

Darrell Dozier

VP of Community

35-year-old digital cinematographer, certified in Barbering & Carpentry. Loves cutting hair and servicing the community. Attended Art Institute of Atlanta & Craven Community College.

Jaret varholick

VP Of Marketing and Social Media

Jessica Jenkins

Chairman of the Board

Jessica Jenkins has an associates from Pitt Community College in medical office administration and a bachelor's in human services from Colorado State University. She has worked at Washington Housing Authority for five years, managing the Family Self-Sufficiency Program for three years and is currently managing the Housing Choice Voucher Program. She is the recipient of the Linn D. Garibaldi Memorial Award.


The Greenville Jaycees, a civil leadership organization, has proudly served the community for 76 years.

Founded in [current year – 76 years], this esteemed group empowers young individuals to become active leaders.

Through initiatives, events, and personal growth opportunities, the Greenville Jaycees have made a lasting impact, inspiring generations to lead with purpose and serve their community with passion.