Building A Professional Network

Building a professional network is critical to success. While talent and commitment are foundational ingredients to success, no one can perform at the top of their game in isolation. Professional isolation can prove to be an Achilles heel, causing ideas, progress, and a career to stagnate.

Creating a network can seem overwhelming, especially for people who experience higher levels of social anxiety. Here are some tips to help you get started:

Tip No. 1

Start easy and build your online professional network first.

Create a LinkedIn account and begin to make relevant online professional connections. Whether in sales, health care, research, or social services, online professional networks can open your professional world up to new conferences, training opportunities, and professionals who struggle and succeed in the same field as you.

Tip No. 2

Get to know the place where you live. Become familiar with organizations that support professionals and the community.

Several organizations in the Greenville area support young professionals. Of course, the Greenville Jaycees offers professional development opportunities and community involvement opportunities. The Greenville-Pitt County Chamber of Commerce also provides networking once a month through its Business After Hours event. As a perk of becoming a member of the Greenville Jaycees, you also can utilize the Chamber of Commerce’s events through our membership. Heart for ENC is also a wonderful organization that offers training and support for those involved in social services and nonprofit work.

Tip No. 3

Be intentional when building your network. Meeting new people is an opportunity to help others and LEARN from others.

Strategy and intention are essential in maximizing your time. Networking isn’t all about making connections that only benefit you. Though that is a perk, you must remember that professional relationships are relationships. Ask yourself what you can do to help someone. Meeting new people is an opportunity to learn more about another person, their work, and how they conquered challenges. Learning from their experiences, you are able to grow in your life and profession.